Don't delete my local tag when I delete a tag in a group library!

I have raised the problem of including Tags in Group libraries before — tags are often personal and so we should be given options to exclude them when we are copying from personal to Group libraries and vice versa.

I'm sorry for shouting in the topic title, but I just discovered that when I try to delete my (personal) tags from a group library I'm a member of, the local tag is deleted too! Misleadingly, the total amount of tags in the tag selector changed when I changed libraries -- suggesting that the tags belong to the libraries, and that I could delete them from individual libraries. Instead, what happens is that they are deleted from the group library I was deleting it in and also from my local library if they originated there.

In case you don't get it, let me explain why this is a horrible choice. Say I have a personal tag "Books I own". Useful to me, not to members of any group libraries I participate in. (Plus it might clash!) So I go to a group library to which I once copied some items, including books I happen to own. I delete the tag. But now to my dismay the tag is gone from my local library too, and there is no easy way (save doing a wholesale reset from server) to get it back!

So let me just get this right.
1. Not only is there no way to avoid carrying over my (personal) tags to group libraries when I copy items into them...
2. But there is also no way to delete those (personal) tags from the group libraries once they're there!
3. If I delete a tag in a group library it will also be deleted in the library where it originated, but it will still exist in other group libraries (showing that the link is one-way only).

I see this as a major design flaw and I hope this can be corrected soon.


1. Add tags to the list of things that are optionally not automatically copied over to group libraries.
2. Unlink local and group tags: allow deleting one without deleting the other.
3. Possibly implement an Undo or trash-like feature for tags. They are too important to be handled to recklessly.
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