Can't save from OMIM

When trying to save information from the OMIM page:
I get a 'Could Not Save Item' error. I cannot find a forum identifying this problem.

  • Hi mikeg,
    We don't support OMIM, but we do support PubMed, and the short answer is that this is why the icon appears for you, but won't save. We're looking into removing the icon until OMIM is supported. Thanks for the message.
  • More than 4 Years have passed since the last answer to this question, I am curious if I landed in the wrong place. I am also trying to cite OMIM.
    On their Site: they provide the formats to cite OMIM in the Vancouver style.
    Couldn't someone extract a format for a translator from this?

    When I just create an entry for the website the essential fields for the Publisher are missing and author stays empty...
    It would be wonderful to hear more about this subject. If I find something else I will try to remember to post it here.
  • Writing a translator for this would have to go through the API:
    someone would have to go through the trouble of requesting access for Zotero and maintaining it, that's a good amount of work. How important is OMIM?
  • Interesting, this seems to be the way. I am no official from zotero, maybe the zotero team can get a licence to produce a translator? What would be the best way to do this?

    How important is OMIM?
    OMIM is the largest database of genetic datasets afaik. However if there is another database that has this information, I am happy to switch.
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