Import of a PDF crashes firefox

I can't import this pdf in my Zotero database:

When I try it, Firefox hangs-up.
  • that's a large pdf - when you say "hangs-up" you just mean freeze? For how long?
  • It stood still, yes. Longer than 10 Minutes. But I tried it again and let it run behind and now, after a while, the import finished. Is it planned to make it not freeze when importing bigger pdfs? That would be helpful.

    Thank you for your help.
  • I don't think that this is a Zotero problem. Could there be a Zotero solution?

    The last few versions of FF have made it difficult to know the progress of pdf downloads. This has greatly frustrated me (Mac OS 10.7) . This occurs even when downloading outside of Zotero. The most maddening is when the host server takes a while to begin the download or when the dwonloaded file is a helper-app instead of the actual pdf (and FF Mac does't do what is needed to complete the file transfer).

    Progress bars have been added for several Zotero functions. Could there be such for file downloads?
  • DWL-SDCA: That's not the issue here. This is about Firefox freezing due to Zotero's PDF indexing.
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