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While working on the MLZ style suite, I've run into a quandary over the Director of multimedia targets -- broadcast, motion_picture, and song. Unless I'm missing something, the issues seem mostly still to be up in the air. Here are the most recent and relevant links that I've found:

I'd like to base the coding of the MLZ styles on stable assumptions if possible. There are two things [1] that I'm stuck on:
  1. Should a new CSL variable be added for a multimedia Director?
  2. If not, which field is appropriate for multimedia Director?
  3. Should there be a new CSL type for video-recording
  4. If not, what alteratives are there for addressing the formatting issue Elena raises in the second link above?
In the first cut of coding on the MLZ styles, I have used "editor" as a proxy for Director, hard-coding an alternative label on the multimedia types. This has resulted in terribly complex CSL code that I would dearly like to remove.

As an initial proposal, it seems to me that there is a strong case for adding a "director" type to CSL. For the issue flagged by Elena, it looks as though adding a "video" type would also make sense.

(I'm posting this here, outside of the [sticky] Fields thread, in case it gives rise to discussion. Once we've worked out a solution, we can post the result up there.)

[1] Numbered (1), (2) and (3). There are three things, numbered (1), (2), (3) and (4). There are four things ...
  • adamsmith and erazlogo are more knowledgeable about citing video material, but I don't see any problems with adding a "director" name variable to CSL if the need for it is clear. It seems like a distinct enough role.
  • Definitely yes for director. (Bruce agrees with this on xbiblio).

    I share Bruce's preferences for not having a a separate video-recording item type, but see that we might just not get around this. Testing for "format" or "medium" seems clumsy to me and as Elena notes in the thread referenced by Frank at least CMoS distinguishes in how video recording and movies are cited.
  • Very happy at the positive responses on "director" as a creator! That will greatly simplify things. I've posted a proposal to the CSL schema tracker, putting the case for adding a "video" type. The pitch is that we already discriminate on the basis of the mode of distribution in the "broadcast" type, and "video" vs "motion_picture" would just extend that logic to cover video as video (of whatever stripe) and the special case of theater releases. So "video" would align with "song", with "broadcast" and "motion_picture" as distribution-specific types.
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