Alphabetical order of references with double surnames ("von" "van" "de")

Hi all,
I am having some problems with double surnames ("von" "van" "de").
Since the latest versions, Zotero is automatically identifying these surnames and lists them according to the starting letter of the second part (e.g. Di Nicola is listed under N and not under D).
Is there any way to disable that and go back to the previous setting? I remember that it was not so until recently.
I am able to edit the sytles, but I is always painful to identify the right lines in the code...Currently I am using Chicago author-date

Many thanks

  • You have to replace "sort-only" in:&ltstyle class="in-text" version="1.0" demote-non-dropping-particle="sort-only"> (1st line).
    Read this to understand the different options:
  • If you can provide documentation that the current behavior is incorrect for Chicago's author-date style, I'm happy to adjust this for the style on the repository.
  • Same problem too...
    @ adamsmith I do not know whether this is due to a more correct application of Chicago's style guide, but I have checked with most of the styles available by default and the same issue remains for ALL of them.
    It would be perfect if it could be an option to be choosen in the settings or if different styles files may be available.
    Btw, while this may be correct for German and Dutch (I have seldom seen "von" and "van" listed under the first letter of the second part of the name) it is surely an error in Italian, where you never list names starting with "De" or "Di" anywhere else than under the D...

  • @kalder,

    If you are okay with editing styles, please let us know the specifics if there are effects you are unable to produce with the available options.
  • Ehi fbennet,

    thanks for this. I have managed to edit the style so that it does not demote any particle.
    However, I was wondering whether it would be possible to differentiate the solutions, e.g. having all "von" and "van" demoted while all "de" and "di" not demoted. In the end, I would like to fix particles "di" and "de" as non dropping particles...From the instructions linked by Gracile it seems that, there can be both dropping and non-dropping particles: how does Zotero recognize them?


  • edited April 23, 2012
    there can be both dropping and non-dropping particles: how does Zotero recognize them?
    A workaround is to enter the particle with the given name (Frank will have to confirm that)
    Another solution would be to rely on the language field (I mean, in a future version)?

    (edit: and in the citeproc-js manual:
  • As Gracile says, a dropping particle can be entered as:

    Family Name: Beethoven
    Given Name: Ludwig, van

    (Not certain myself whether the "van" in this case is dropping or non-dropping -- but that is how a dropping particle would be entered.)

    It's a workaround in the sense that the processor relies on the markup in the Given Name field (the comma) to extract the particle from the content; but for simplicity in the UI almost all bibliographic systems use simple two-field entry in the same way as Zotero, so it's safe to assume that this behaviour is here to stay.
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