UI related feature request

This is a minor feature request, but one that could make things much more convenient. Currently the right pane which shows the details of the selected item has a large minimum width. It would be nice (and helpful) to be able to reduce this pane further so as to increase the viewing area for the middle pane. I think the middle pane needs the most space most often, typically for browsing through the items, and could really use some extra space.
For some reason, the left pane is much more flexible and I don't see why the right pane shouldn't be able to do the same.
  • The reason would appear to be the fixed size of the "view" and "locate" button, which require a minimum width of the right panel.
    But I agree with you - being able to minimize that would be nice.
  • Also like the idea of being able to minimize the right pane.

    That would make for a sort of file-manager-esque UI. Or with both left and right panes minimized, quasi-spreadsheet-like. Both of which would be effective for certain kinds of research.
  • I would like to be able to minimise or reduce the size of the right pane too, for the same reason as nitesh above.

    I am very fond of using my screen vertically when using Zotero. This gives me a width of 800 (by 1280 height).

    It would be nice to be able to reduce the width of the right hand info/notes/tags/related to about as wide as the end of the related tab or even 100px less for those occasions when I want to see more of the central column.
  • Another possibility to make most efficient use of the available screen space would be to display the right two panes above each other, this would give a lot more horizontal space for the article list.
  • Good idea wouterstomp, especially when in verticle screen mode. I am in the process of putting all my screens vertically because I spend all my time using zotero. I have quite a lot of verticle space.

    This shows one of my computers (not the one with the narrow screen but it serves to illustrate how there is plenty of verticle space) to put the two right panes on top of each other sometimes.
  • Any new considerations for this feature?
  • How about customizing the distributions of the panels sounds like? For example, I want to put the right pane below the middle pane so that both can be read in a bigger way...
  • That is a good idea @ouchyoung.
    It seems though that the flexibility of the right panel, or panel UI, is at a low priority/demand.
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