Turabian 7th Edition Footnotes (superscripts)

I have a question about footnotes as specified by Turabian, 7th Edition (example on page 393). It seems the footnote citation does NOT use a superscript for the footnote referenced yet the citation use in Zotero for Turabian use a superscript for the footnote.

Simply put: The body of the paper uses a superscript the footnote does not.

Thoughts? Am I missing something?

Wm. Hill
  • You should be able to control the appearance of footnote markers via stylesheets in the word processor. As far as I know, Zotero does not do anything to control the specifics of footnote markers.
  • fbennett is right - if you say which word processor you're using, someone might be able to tell you where to look more precisely, but this has nothing to do with Zotero. (I wouldn't be sure, though, that Turabian actually cares about this - Chicago Manual of Style doesn't, and Turabian is mostly a basic version of that).
  • Thank you for the replies.

    I am using Word 2010.

    Wm. Hill
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