Speed up insert citation in zotero 3.0

It will be nice if the zotero citation will have these improvements:

Issue 1: when I click on insert citation in libreoffice, a new pop-up (Firefox) window appears. I need to click on it in order to start searching the library for citation.
Suggestion: it will be nice that when I click insert citation the cursor to be directly in the new pop-up window so I can immediately type and search the library for citation

Issue 2: when I find the citation I need by scrolling with the up and down keys and I press enter the selected citation is added in the search box when I press one more time enter it is added in the document. But if I click on the citations that are result of the search with the mouse then I have to click with the mouse in the search box and then press enter to add the citation in the document.
Suggestion: When I select the citation with the mouse and then when press enter the citation to be inserted in the document i.e. eliminate the need to click with the mouse in the search box
I am using zotero 3.0b1 with firefox 6.0 libreoffice 3.3.3 in Ubuntu 11.04
  • Or maybe just like in endnote plugin for word, ther is a command "insert slected citations", the drag and drop method inset the whole reference which is not so useful, and it is not updatable.
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