Maintain subcollection hierarchy data on export.

As far as I know, Zotero RDF is the only format that retains the data of parent child relationships in collections. The only other example is accessing the a user's library via API.

The primary example is exporting Bibtex data for Docear, a mindmapping program. If the sub-collection hierarchy data is maintained, Docear could import the data and have a mindmap brilliantly ready to go. Right now, it's just a huge flat list of items which isn't particularly helpful.

I'm not working on developing zotero, so if it has been implemented in some way shape or form in which hasn't been published in the main release, I'd love to know!

  • AFAIK the bibtex format doesn't have a way to specify collections and other hierarchies (neither do RIS, Refer, etc.). I don't see how a collection hierarchy could be maintained, then? A bibtex file is a non-hierarchical plain text file.
  • It's much less faithful, but the bookmark export also maintains the collection hierarchy.
  • On a slightly different note, beware that Mendeley, while it does properly render top-level folders, it does not respect the hierarchy more than one level deep, despite claiming to 'synchronize' with the Zotero database--beware! (It does appear to copy folder paths to tags, however, oddly enough.)
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