timeline zotero server?

Is there any idea about when zotero server will be available? And will it only share/sync the database or also the attachments?
I am asking since the Mobile-FireFox-on-thumbdrive solution doesn't really work for me and I am contemplating to write some sort of windows standalone application to push and pull whole zotero data directories to/from an ftp server from/to different client machines.
But I would not want to make that effort if the launch of an inbuilt solution is just around the corner and I only have to wait until Christmas or something like that.
Thanks for any information on these two points (timeline, attachement synchronisation)
  • There are 2 workarounds that may be applicable:
    unison filesynchronisation on unix and winodws (cygwin)
    MS groove office on windows
  • Is file sync all that is necessary? If so, there are a number of sync tools. FolderShare is a free one. SugarSync also backs up what it syncs.

    What if you open Firefox on machine A and do Zotero stuff, then open Firefox on machine B and do more stuff, and then close Firefox on machine A? Is there any risk of corrupting the DB?
  • Yes there is a real risk of corrupting your database. Zotero's syncing functionality is coming very soon.
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