changing citation style from footnote to integrated


Really sorry for posting this but in huge rush with editor. Previously I had all my zotero citations as chicago style footnotes. Now I've managed to convert them to harvard style "Author, date" formate, but need them integrated into the text (e.g. "Is an act of commemorative ceremony (Connerton, 1997)" instead of footnoted. Is there a quite way to do this?

many thanks!

  • If you inserted the citations correctly (by inserting the citation, and letting Zotero create the footnote), then you don't need to do anything: just change the style.

    If, OTOH, you manually created the footnotes, and inserted the citations inside there, then no; your citations will remain in footnotes, and you'll need to manually extract them.
  • Strange, I allowed Zotero to create the footnote but when I changed the style the citation changed but remained a footnote. However when I insert a new one, it integrates it in the text. Maybe it's because it's originally copied from another document. Ah well!
  • Maybe it's because it's originally copied from another document.
    That might be, but depending on how you did this, I would hope Zotero would be a little more rubust on this.
  • I would try switching style to something else - a numerical style like vancouver - and back. Maybe(!) that works.
  • What operating system are you running?
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