How to change the page "dash" in CSL code?

Hello. I would like to change the dash in page range. I want to change from – to * . I.e. from 1-15 to 1*15.
Is it possible to be changed in CSL code?
Thanks in advance,
  • not currently, no.
    CSL is fully documented here:
    if something is not in the specs it's not possible in regular CSL.
  • @cadudesun: Is this required by a style guide? If so, can to provide a link or a reference to the style?
  • Why do you want the * instead of the dash? Do you want this as an intermediate step to accomplish soomething else or is the * part of the format requirements you must follow?
  • Hi. This are related to ABNT (Brazilian style). However, let me make it clearer. The * was just a way of asking about the code in the forum. Actually, ABNT style uses a dash as well. But it is a "little" dash (and it is impossible to insert the "little" dash in this post field; both "dashes" are showed as same). The default Zotero dash is bigger. Please, see the following link to see an official ABNT document.
    Look for "JOSSUA, Jean Pierre; METZ, Johann Baptist. Editorial: Teologia e Literatura. Concilium, Petrópolis, v.115, n. 5, p. 2-5, 1976". As I told, the dash appears in this post field as Zotero dash, but through the link you could see the right ABNT dash. Best, Cadu
  • Is this a uniform practice in Portuguese?
  • Looks like it might be - I checked a Portuguese (from Portugal) journal here and it uses hyphens:
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    Okay, I've checked in a fresh processor release (version 1.0.293) that will use hyphen for the page range delimiter if the default-locale of the style is set to Portuguese (pt, pt-BR or pt-PT). The new behavior will appear automatically when the new processor version is picked up by Zotero (probably a day or two in the 3.0 development XPI, and within a few weeks perhaps for the next official Zotero release).

    I've also sent a note to the CSL development list asking that an attribute or locale term for this be included in the next CSL language schema upgrade, so that it can be customized without hard-coded revisions to the processor.
  • Great!
    This is an uniform practice at least in pt-BR.
  • Hi! Could someone inform if nowadays the "big" dash in page range 1–15 can be changed to a "small" dash in CSL code?

    Please, see the following example:

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    Yes, you can now do that in a CSL style by redefining the page-range-delimiter term in the locale. Which style will you be modifying?
  • Many thanks for information. It is done! The style is the Brazilian ABNT-UFMG. Very soon we will release a major update. Best!
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