[SOLVED] Cannot navigate the report window (Zotero 3.0)

I am utilizing Zotero to take notes on articles and books and then I would like to print a report with all of the bibliographic information and my notes. The problem I am encountering is that when I generate the report (by selecting citations and right-clicking), I get a report window that has no scroll bar and no navigation buttons above, making it impossible to see the entire report or to save or print the report.

Could someone please help with this problem?
[Zotero 3.0 standaolone, on Mac OSX 10.6- Snow Leopard}
  • Um, I think I may have solved my own problem - Hunting around the forums, it appears that navigation, saving, and printing Zotero reports are not yet possible in Zotero Standalone, only in Zotero for Firefox. I was able to create, navigate, and save a report in Zotero 3.0 for Firefox, but not Standalone, so perhaps this is a feature that will be implemented in a future update to Standalone. I sure hope so - this is a critical feature.

  • The scrolling should have worked, but it was broken. It will be fixed in 3.0.2. We still plan to add save and print support, but we haven't gotten to it yet.
  • Thanks for the quick response, Simon. At least I know that it wasn't a specific problem with my Zotero installation. As long as the report feature is available somewhere, I'm a happy camper. I'll look forward to the implementation of reports in Standalone as well. Thanks for all of your work on this great software!

  • Help anyone no matter what I do I can not figure out how to generate a report and print it. I believe I have installed 3.0 yet I do not find features mentioned above.
  • The feature only works in the Zotero version that is integrated into the Firefox browser, not Zotero Standalone. Try using Zotero in Firefox and you'll see the report features.
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