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Hello, I just found Zotero and I was thinking that it would be a good thing to include DOI numbers along with ISBN and ISNN.

It is true that DOI is not very used, but if we just start adding it around maybe some day it will be a real full standard.
  • Zotero already has a DOI field, and a number of translators import DOIs into it already. If there are translators that don't currently import existing DOI data, let us know.
  • Sorry to take so long to answer, I was on holidays. I'm using the spanish version. DOI number appears in search but not to add it to the information. Where can I find the whole list of fields?

    There are also some mistranslations and missed ones. But in general the translation is pretty good. If I can help you on these issues in an organized way just tell me and I'll try my best.

    PS: some missed translations:
    (on middle column, adding new headers)
    -Call Number : Número de registro
    -Repository : Depósito

    (on zotero preferences)
    -General > OpenURL > Search for resolvers, Resolutor
    -Exportar > explaining text below copia rápida

    (on advanced search)
    -List items:
    --Annotation : Anotación
    --Aplication number : Número de aplicación (maybe too literal)
    --Attachment file type : Tipo de (fichero de) adjunto
    --Child note : not sure what is this
    --Programming language : Lenguaje de programación
    --Type : Tipo? (depends on context)
    -Only show top level items
    -Include parents and child items of matching items
    -Search, Clear, Save search

    (on website items)
    -indexed : indizado

    I hope this helps a little
  • Dan,

    "If there are translators that don't currently import existing DOI data, let us know"

    I am having the same problem of a blank doi field downloading from Science Direct. I've tried the website's options of article 'summary plus' or full text but it makes no difference, Zotero fails to pick up the doi.

  • Havelock:

    Before digging into specific translator problems here, it's worth noting that many of these sites don't include all available metadata (e.g. DOI numbers) in their automated citation export APIs. Zotero translators, therefore, are faced with the choice between screen-scraping (unreliable) and citation export service (reliable but sometimes incomplete). In some cases, we could try to scrape the DOI (or other missing data) and feed it into the data retrieved from citation export, but it won't be feasible in all cases.

    ScienceDirect does not export its DOI numbers, and you might ask them to start doing so.
  • edited December 6, 2007

    Zotero is not importing DOI from which sites? We need some examples here to see what's happening.

    Please do contribute to the Spanish locale of Zotero. All translation work is done through the BabelZilla site, and I encourage you to set up an account there and fix any problematic strings.
  • Sean:

    Sorry, I created a bit of confusion here. I'm new to Zotero and I thought Dan meant the spanish translation not a site translator. That happened also because I cannot find the DOI fields in book (but I do in Articles) Is it missing or zotero has the ability to show/hide fields?

    I will try babelzilla as soon as I can.
  • Sean:

    my five cents - it is a critical part for any bibliographic system to have unique identifiers like the doi number included. Trawling the doi website shows that they can even lookup a doi simply by the combination of first author/title. I have therefore asked them if they will allow a batch lookup - maybe this could be a new function in a central release - or should I write a plugin?

  • Some book-like items seem to have DOIs. See, for example:

    Alas, there doesn't seem to be DOI field available for all item types .... so I have to store the URL instead of the 'pure' DOI.
  • DOIs for books and other item types are coming in the next major Zotero version, together with a major overhaul of items and fields.
  • That's great news.
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