(First attempt at) new style for the "Journal of Dental Research"

This : git://gist.github.com/1307159.git is first attempt at a style file for the "Journal of Dental Research.

Fair warning : the style of the journal has no formal definition, just a bunch of examples (see the "documentation" at http://www.iadr.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageID=3934#references and http://www.iadr.org/files/public/JDR_ReferenceExamples.pdf . Furthermore, this i my first contact with CLS 1.0...

Could some kind souls :
- add it to the collection, marking it as "experimental" or "in development" ?
- test it on non-trivial examples ?

Thanks in advance,

Emmanuel Charpentier
  • This looks great - It's up. I didn't see any reason to mark it as experimental. Most journals in medicine never site anything except journal articles, books, book sections and maybe an occasional conference proceeding, so if this doesn't address obscure item types that's perfectly fine. Thanks.
  • Thanks for putting this together, Emmanuel. I'm planning to send an article to a journal that uses JDR style, so this is quite helpful.

    I've downloaded the style and made a few changes/corrections: removing parentheses from volume number and adding a semi-colon afterwards, leaving out issue number, removing period after URL's, changing "eds" to "editors" for edited books, adding comma after the authors' names in in-text citations, and a couple of other things that escape me now.

    The one thing that I'm not sure how to do is to replace journal title with journal abbreviation when a journal abbreviation is saved for the record (JDR does use abbreviations, it seems). Can anyone help on this?

    I haven't uploaded my changes (don't know how to do this yet).
  • for abbreviations:
    <text variable="container-title" form="short"/>

    for uploading - see the quick and easy version here:
  • I've made some changes and uploaded the corrected style as "Journal of Dental Research edited" to https://gist.github.com/1660109

    The journal gives lots of different types of example references, and I've only checked the main ones, so no doubt there are still issues. One that I know of is that where no author is listed, the style will produce:
    Anon (1981). Coffee drinking and cancer of the pancreas (editorial). Br Med J 283:628.
    Whereas the model example the journal gives is:
    Coffee drinking and cancer of the pancreas (editorial) (1981). Br Med J 283:628.
    Hopefully overall the edited style is a bit closer to the journal's intentions, though.
  • that last one is actually easy to fix if you want to:
    <names variable="editor"/>
    <text macro="anon"/>

    <names variable="editor"/>
    <text variable="title"/>
  • Great, done!
  • thanks, it's up (for future reference - no need to change the id and link from the original if the style is for the repository)
  • Whoops, et-al-min should be 3, not 7. Updated at https://gist.github.com/1660109

    I'm guessing I can't directly edit the master csl file.
  • done, thanks.
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