Automatic Discography, Filmography, etc. as well as Bibliography in MHRA style

Is there any way to create an updating Discography, Filmography (etc.) as well as a Bibliography (which really is just for the written word) in the MHRA style?

I'm required to separate these and if there is something that allows me to tick a box in Zotero and do this that'd be great!
  • I have to do this too. I ended up modifying the MHRA csl so that German text would not be subject to the aggressive sentence case of the plain MHRA style. At present I manually edit the bibliographies in the final draft so that Filmographies are separate. If there is a way of breaking up Bibliographic output by 'Item Type' that would be very useful!
  • (danny - in Zotero 3.0 you can disable title case for an item by filling the language field with anything other than English or en.)

    It's possible to sort by item type in styles, yes.
    See my post from May 4th 2011 in this thread:

    (if you look at other posts in that thread, note that some contain hypothetical csl code that's not yet implemented.)

    You cannot insert subheadings etc. so you'd still have to do that manually at the end.
  • Oh that's great. I just upgraded to 3.0 today (to try and see if some sync problems would resolve) but this makes things a lot easier.

    I'll have a look at the CSL in the link you mention. Thanks again.
  • Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by csl code. How is it that I do this?
  • This may be a bit complicated depending on your comfort level, but:
    Also, see my link above.
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