Insertation of citations doesnt work any more

If I chose a paper to fulfill the citation in my zotero word add-on, and press 'ok', just nothing happens. The pogramme seems to work properly though and there is no error recognition either.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting??
  • Provide a Report ID if you can.
  • Surprisingly, after restarting everything, the insertation of new citations seems to work again.

    But now, when I open the document I work on and I open the zotero add-on for the first tiem, it wants me to replace some older quotations because its origin is somehow vanished. I did as asked, but the error occured again, so I had to chose the correct paper, again.

    This is the current Report ID: 2140555774

    Thanks alot!!
  • Same problem. Report ID: 459918055.
  • this.registry.citationreg.citationById[c[0]] is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/citeproc.js" line: 3077}
    kleonard: Just guessing—Frank can confirm—but upgrading from Zotero 2.1.10 to the latest Zotero 3.0 beta would probably fix this.
  • Thanks, will do.
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