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Odd problem. When I sync using webdav in the SA version or the FF plugin version it gets to a certain point and then STOPS DEAD. The arrow spins but the upload progress stops after a certain point (usually at the same point but not always). This is a new problem that just began the other day. Webdav was working quite well until this. Strange thing is that it seems to complete because I see everything on my other machine (including the all important attachments).


Wm. Hill
  • 1) Provide a Report ID after this occurs.

    2) Hover over the progress bar to view file sync progress.
  • OK, but I never seem to get a Report ID. The arrow just spins and the upload indicator stops at approximately 151,324 KB to go before completion (14 percent; 0/29 files).

    I just ran the sync and the above information is where it stopped. Arrow still spinning. Server working fine.
  • OK, but I never seem to get a Report ID.
    Meaning what? "Report Errors" is grayed out?
  • Okay -- forgive my ignorance. I failed to realize that I can get a Report ID from the settings menu. here it is:

    Report ID: 62122907

    I also have this one (if that makes sense) 850742187
  • This time the progress gets to 49 percent complete (17/29 files) with 182,304 KB remaining.
  • Unexpected status code 0 in Zotero.Sync.Storage.WebDAV_getStorageModificationTime()
    OK, you're getting a connection timeout/error from your WebDAV server. (That should trigger an error in Zotero rather than just stalling the sync, but for that reason that seems not to be happening.) If you provide a Debug ID for the sync attempt I might be able to tell you more, but this generally indicates a problem with either the server or the network connection.
  • Here is the Debug ID: D1340340603
  • That doesn't show enough of the sync to show any problem. Give the sync at least a few minutes.
  • Ok, I will try again. I do appreciate your help. :)
  • Ok -- let's try this one:
  • OK, well, there are no errors in there, and Zotero appears to be starting the requests properly. I'm afraid there's not really anything else I can tell you. If the uploads are hanging, it's likely a problem with your server or connection (or the PHP WebDAV script you're using). Zotero works with properly functioning WebDAV servers, and we're not able to debug issues with individual servers. Check your server logs for problems.
  • Okay -- I changed servers to one that is specifically setup for webdav support and it worked perfectly. I guess the servers at Siteground don't like the webdav script that I am using.
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