citing at database

I'm missing the possibility to add a citation to information in a database, like the Micromedex-system for example.
  • We'll likely add a dataset item type in the future - I've wound that webpage works just fine for online databases, though.
  • Adding a dataset item would be excellent. I'm using the webpage one as a proxy -- but would prefer a dedicated dataset or database option.
  • here's the status on that:
    the hope is to get this and other changes into the next major Zotero release after 3.0 - i.e. 3.1 or 3.5, whatever it's going to be called.
  • Regarding my last comment about institutional authors, I think it is extremely necessary to have the Database as one of the Item Types. I am not sure whether it has been addressed in other posts.
  • You can specify that an item is a dataset by adding this to Extra:
    Type: dataset

    That will get picked up by citation styles. I usually store datasets as Document and put Type: dataset and DOI: 10.1234/56789 in Extra.
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    I am not sure whether this solution can solve the issue. By the way, why are we bothering ourselves in the first place by storing the dataset as a Document?

    I am saying that along with too many items that now we have under the Info-> Item Type we can have an option of choosing the dataset/database, which can also provide us the option of adding the name of an organization such as the World Bank as the institutional author.
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