Using classic view by default in Word Add-on

When I want to insert a new citation, is it possible to set the default to classic view?
  • yes - in the Zotero Preferences under "Cite" - so not the preferences of the word processor plugin, but the ones in Zotero Standalone or Firefox.

    (it's clear here, but please note in questions which version you're using, especially if it's one of the beta versions).
  • Thanks!! You are always on top of it. I installed the standalone version, but could not see how I can save a source from the browser. The standalone did not have a create new item from current page feature and I felt lost. Is there a tutorial?
  • no Tutorial for the standalone yet - it's beta software. To use SA with Chrome or Safari you need to install a connector. To have it work with FF you also need Zotero 3.0b for Firefox installed.

    Once that's done, you'll see a translator icon for sites with translators. To get the functionality of "Create New Item from Current Page" just right-click in the site in question and select "Create Zoter Item from Current Page" from the context menu.
  • thanks! adamsmith's description works for chrome and StandAlone users as well.
  • thanks! adamsmith's description works for Firefox!
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