this.and.single is undefined in latest git version

I am running Zotero from git and there appears to be a problem with citation formatting. Whenever I try to insert a citation to a document (Word 2011), I get the following error:

Error: this.and.single is undefined
Source File: chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/citeproc.js
Line: 6451
  • Rintze had a similar problem that turned out to be due to missing locales. That and several other chunks of the source have been converted to submodules and need to be installed separately. Could that be the issue?
  • I am using en-US, so unless this locale is not installed by default, this is probably not the cause.

    How do I install the locales?
  • The locales aren't part of the processor, they're shipped separately. In the Zotero sources, they're located at chrome/content/zotero/locale/csl. I'm only minimally familiar with git, and not sure what the right way to get the submodule content in place is. If you're as unfamiliar with git as I am, I guess the simplest way in the short term would be to navigate to chrome/content/zotero/locale, and clone the locale sources from the Citation Styles github repository to a "csl" subdirectory.
  • Thanks. That did the trick.
  • edited November 3, 2011
    You don't need to do that manually (and shouldn't, since there are three separate submodules). You just need to use git clone --recursive when you check out the main repo, or git submodule init followed by git submodule update afterward.
  • Aha. Thanks for that, Dan. Haste makes waste.
  • And submodules are pegged at specific commits, so if you want to update the submodule files before the pointers are updated you'll need to run "git submodule foreach git pull origin master". (If you just do "git submodule update" it will update to the latest pegged commits for those submodules, but we're going to use the foreach command in dev XPIs, since we control all of the submodule repos.)
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