A new ZoTTP protocol to access a Zotero item (note) from an application

Is the feature discussed in this thread ( http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/13606/link-to-a-zotero-item-from-its-reference-in-word-processor-wordoo-plugin-feature-request/ ) the same as the feature that I am imagining like the following?

What I imagine to do is like this:

I am creating my research note in Google Docs. Then I want to be able to go (refer) to a specific item or note in Zotero by just typing something like a URL, called ZoTTP *) for example ZoTTP://Berk-2010, or ZoTTP://Berk-2010-note001, or etc.

When I double click the link ZoTTP://Berk-2010, automagically, I will be brought to the item containing the work of Berk 2010 in my Zotero repository inside my Mozilla Firefox interface.

When I double click the link ZoTTP://Berk-2010-note001, automagically, I will be brought to the item containing my note hanging inside the Berk 2010 item.

By this way (feature), I will be able to unify my Zotero notes (or items) here and there mysteriously hidden inside my Zotero repository into a bare flat file for example in a Google Doc document. Thus, I will be able to create explicit connections among my hidden notes (or items) inside my Zotero repository (database).

Of course, in this case, I will also be able to copy my ZoTTP link from inside an item in my Zotero repository via my Firefox Zotero ZoTTP interface, then paste it into my Google Doc document.

REMARKS: *)ZoTTP is a new (imaginary) protocol to access (show) a Zotero item or note from other application by just using a simple double click.

In short:
ZoTTP Interface is able to produce ZoTTP address for each item requested hidden inside Zotero System.
The ZoTTP address can be used to access (locate) the item (note) inside Zotero System from an application.
The diagram:
[Zotero System] <----> [ZoTTP Interface] <----> an application.

Thank you.
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