PROLA translator doesn't store DOI, PDF

The PROLA (Physical Review Online Archives) translator works well, except for two issues. The first is that it doesn't correctly store the DOI, which PROLA exports under the RIS tag "ID". This should be a fairly easy fix, as the RIS translator stores the ID tag as the itemID, but I was not able to get translator.setHandler("done", handlerFunction) working myself. The other thing missing is the download of PDFs when the "Automatically attach associated PDFs" option is enabled. I recognize that this will involve writing a scraper and is somewhat more complicated than the DOI fix.
  • A new version of the PROLA translator is now available which should allow DOI and PDFs to be properly stored. You can update your translators by clicking the "Update Now" Button in Zotero's Preference pane. Please let us know if these problems continue.
  • Wow, fantastic turnaround time! Works great.

    The PDF download causes the standard FF box to pop up asking me to open or save the file (e.g., e053809 when accessing If I hit "Cancel," the PDF has been stored correctly in the Zotero item, but the page snapshot has not. (I personally don't need the page snapshot.) The page snapshot is stored correctly for items downloaded when "Automatically download PDFs" is disabled. Do you get the same behavior? (I have a lot of FF extensions installed and haven't taken the time to install Zotero in a clean profile, but I could if needed.)

    Thanks again!
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