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since you can localize a paper with the URL it would be nice if the DOI automatically was made into a link.


I put the DOI-number 10.1007/s00442-007-0891-z in the DOI-field.

By clicking on DOI: the URL opens. Just like it does when something is written in the URL:-field and you click URL:
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  • oh, thanks. I missed that one. I'm glad someone else would find this useful
  • related thread ( item #5 says:

    * Clicking on DOI title opens[insert_DOI] , just as happens with URL

    but is anybody doing something about it? There is no ticket for this feature request.

    Anyway I prefer clicking on DOI that on Locate, and I think both options could coexist.
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    I finally got around to implementing implicit linking of URLs and DOIs in the citeproc-js CSL processor. The developers will need to take a look, but if the facility passes muster, automatic linking will become available in a future Zotero release.
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