Current status of Java requirements - does OpenJDK also work?

Ubuntu 11.10 has two versions available for easy install: OpenJDK 6 and OpenJDK 7. I know in the past Sun Java was required (it can still be installed manually). Is this still the case, or can OpenJDK be used, and if so, which version?
  • I'm pretty sure the Libre/Ooo integration uses no system java anymore, just the one that is built into LO/Ooo anyway, so yes, OpenJDK should work and which version doesn't matter.
  • Thank you, I'm glad to see that Zotero is moving in a direction of being less dependent on specific components.
  • Ubuntu announced today that Oracle is retrieving Java from their repositories,

    would this definitely not affect Zotero? On your support pages I read that Libreoffice require Java: 'This software requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Windows users should install the Oracle JRE.Linux users may need to install the JRE included in their distribution.'

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    My question is exactly the same as Paolo's - Will OpenJDK work to connect Zotero to LibreOffice or OpenOffice in Linux? This is a critical issue in the wake of Oracle's announcement and it would be very helpful to have a comment from the Zotero staff on this (or maybe a blog post?). Zotero is just too important to my work to have this disrupted by this decision by Oracle.

  • this is not official, but my undestanding is that Zotero has used the java implementation that ships with LibreOffice for quite a while, so as long as LO works, so will Zotero. The Sun/OpenJDK issue is no longer an issue.
  • Thanks, Adam - I hope you're right. I guess we'll find out when Ubuntu removes the sun-java-6 package and dependencies from all of its repositories and uninstalls it from users' machines!

  • Zotero has worked fine with OpenJDK since Zotero 2.1.
  • Many thanks for the swift reply, Simon. I'm relieved...

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