Zotero pane at the top?

I've got a problem with wrist/arm pain from mousing and the best thing to help with that is to minimise movement requirements by positioning UI click-targets (i.e. buttons, menus) in the same zone of the screen - the top part. For example I keep the Windows taskbar at the top and wherever possible with a piece of software put 'status bar' functions into the `toolbar' or equivalent. (and of course use keyboard shortcuts wherever possible)

My question is this: is there some way to position the Firefox Zotero pane at the top above the webpage (so that it drops down from the toolbar rather than pops up from the bottom of the window)?

I seem to recall that an earlier version of Zotero allowed this, so if no-one has any hacks to recommend I guess this is a feature (restoration) request...
  • I don't think this has ever been possible - at least not in the last three years.
    I'd suggest using Zotero in tab mode - that way it will be full screen when you maneuver to it, the icons on the top you can click, everything else you can get to using tab and the arrow keys. (Note also that you can open and Close Zotero using alt+ctrl+z.

    Alternatively you could use Zotero standalone, and just resize the window to be smallish and at the top of the screen, and use alt-tab to get to it.
  • Early versions of Zotero supported this, but current versions do not. It's not something we'll be bringing back.
  • you could use the standalone beta and arrange the windows so that Zotero standalone is a little like the zotero FF pane. I sometimes do that with chrome and standalone. A window management program such as divvy is very useful for a task like that.
  • A belated thanks to replies, despite the somewhat disheartening outcome. Have been trying some workarounds and they help somewhat, so thanks to Greg and adamsmith.
  • I strongly recommend you get a wrist supporter. I used to get wrist pain from mousing but I am cured since I rest my wrist on a big squidgy thing.
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