Zotero goes mobile and no one notices?

Taking advantage of Zotero's improved API, several community devs have turned Zotero into mobile-suitable software, especially for Android tablets/smartphones.

There is Joscha's Zotfile Reader:

There is Avram's (ajlyon) new Android App Zandy:

And jmschank's barcode scanner:

First, I wanted to put this out here for people to see. Second, I wanted to suggest that this gets promoted some - if there are no objections I would send an e-mail to the evangelist listserv, but also I'd really wish the Zotero Blog could cover this. Could Sean maybe say if/how that would be possible. Beyond making the existence of these apps known to the wider Zotero community, I think it's also clear that it's in the long-run interest of Zotero that these types of endeavors are successful.

edit: I see that it's been blogged in French already: http://zotero.hypotheses.org/381
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