Make URLs Clickable in Notes

At present you can add a note to a bibliographic entry and in that note link to a URL. However, it appears that there is no way to click that URL and jump to its location on the web. If this is possible, I'd love to know how. If it's not, please add this functionality.

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    It's possible in 1.5. Click the "HTML" button and add the link manually; e.g.:

    <a href="[URL]" title="whatever">clickable text</a>
    At some point soon, though, the Zotero team should probably add the link icon to the toolbar so that this is easier.
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    Bruce, I'm using 1.5 Beta 1, and I do have a button that allows me to add hyperlinks in notes; however, I cannot click any of them and jump to the destination.

    I tried adding the link manually instead of using the button, but I get the same results either way.

    The problem isn't in adding them, but in being able to click them. What's the point of a hyperlink if you can't click it and have it do something?

    I realize that hyperlinks don't work the same way in many editors, but in WordPress, I can right-click and open in a new tab. In Gmail, I get tooltip that allows me to the location linked to. That's what I'm asking that Zotero would allow me to do. I don't care so much what method they use. I just want to be able to do it.

  • OIC! Yes, I'd call that a bug.
  • I found this old discussion. Using the current standalone for windows v.3.0b2.1. In a note, the HTML and the Link/Unlink do not work. I've used this same HTML editor in another software program and those buttons do work. Are they just not enabled in Zotero standalone beta?
  • I see the ticket was created over 3 years ago. I realize this is a TinyMCE integration issue. Is there a timeline on enabling this functionality in the TinyMCE editor?
  • The core team (2-3 paid developers) hasn't managed to work on this. The best chance of it happening is if someone steps up and contributes a patch that enables this behavior.
  • Hi,
    I am using the browser Firefox 13.0.1 in combination with zotero 3.0.3 and the bug is still open, URL still not clickable.
  • you should upgrade to 3.0.8, but yes, you're correct, this hasn't been fixed.
  • Is there a timeline or is it on a next release? I am using a unified record approach for some indexing work and would like to include alternate or more specific URLs as relevant. I am copying URLs from a web browser to the Item Notes tab and also an attached file note. Both of which allow you to copy it in and it appears linked (turns blue) but is not clickable.

    This feature would enrich Zotero's ability to be a real note taker on research. Such links do work in Endnote and other traditional bib management tools (software/cloud-based).
  • I don't know about timeline for notes - they rely on third party code - but you're aware that you can just attach a link to an item? (using "attach link to URI") - it will look like an attachment and you can click it in the middle panel or click the link in the right panel.
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