Local backup of Zotero files

Testing the ZSA3.0b2.1. I want to backup the data files. I've located them locally and they appear to all be in a folder named storage. I back those up locally. In addition to the storage folder, what other files/folders (prefs?) should I backup just in case I need to restore? I'm getting upwards of 200 documents and want to insure I have a local backup while I'm learning the app while transferring documents out of Endnote. I've discovered the only way to setup the Zotero to match what I need for my genealogy documentation requires adding a uniqueID from Endnote into the Rights field, and it seems to be working OK as rights field is displayable in the center column. I prefer the Zotero ability for adding documents but have to use the link to stored copy. The easiest way to do this appears to be a copy formatted of about 20-50 records in Endnote and then import clipboard into Zotero, and then edit them. Its slow going but the result will be clean and the notes/attachments will be edited to take advantage of the Zotero features.
  • the entire folder name Zotero:
  • Thanks! My search didn't find this.
  • I have a question just for clarification on the backup. I'm using the standalone on a Mac. When I locate the data directory, it highlights the entire folder on my Finder window, but I do not see a specific "Library" data file. Do I correctly understand you (Sept 26) that, to back up the library, I copy the entire folder named Zotero? (I know that is specifically what you say in your Sep 26 2011 post but I was simply a bit confused by not seeing a "Library" file.)
    Thanks for all your help. I love the program and am still learning it and your support network is terrific.
  • There isn't a file called "Library": your Zotero database is stored in the Zotero folder in a file named "zotero.sqlite", along with some folders storing things like file attachments (like PDFs). See http://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data#elements_of_a_zotero_library_-_data_and_files

    You indeed want to copy the whole folder.
  • Thank you for that clarification.
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