Mass Tagging?

Is there any way to apply one tag to a bunch of citations at once? Right now when I hit Ctrl+A to select everything, all the options disappear. Is this in the works?
  • You can drag items onto tags in the tag selector to assign them. If you're in a collection or a search, you'll want to click "Display all tags" first so that the tags list isn't limited to tags already matching all the current items.
  • Holy crap that is awesome! I bet this place gets flooded with requests for features that are already there. Nice!
  • For me this is a big advantage over Endnote.

    What about importing subjects (these are usually imported into Endnote as keywords) into Zotero tags?
  • @tadoslav (from the "requests for existing features" dept. :-)

    LOC subjects are impored as "automatic" tags in Zotero, unless you uncheck the preference for them in the Prefs dialog. This is to distinguish them (if you want) from the non-automatic tags which you carefully set up yourself. To display the auto tags, click on the colored-boxes icon next to the find bar in the tag selector. See?
  • Yes, thank you. Subsequent to my post I did notice that LOC subjects are brought into tags. That's good. However, multiple subjects are brought into the same tag. That would not be my preference. Also, the issue I mistakenly referenced above is that when I import from EndNote my keywords (which I had been using to tag my entries) are brought into notes instead of tags. If EndNote brings subjects into keywords, it would be nice if I could then get those keywords into zotero tags. But I suppose that is a mapping issue with wider implications.
  • O.K. So now I see that it depends upon the repository. LOC seems like the best--it brings in the most subjects in separate tags, brings in the permalink, brings in call number, number of pages, etc.
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