Moving library from Firefox to Standalone

Basic question, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere: what's the best way to move my library from Zotero Firefox to Zotero Everywhere? I tried exporting from Zotero Firefox in Zotero RDF format (including notes and files) and then importing into Everywhere, but it seems to have dropped all the pdfs I had. Thanks.
  • Please disregard. I figured it out. Forgot about the most basic of functions: sync. Sorry.
  • You could have just copied the Zotero data directory. (In fact, that's better, since syncing doesn't currently transfer your full-text index.) You definitely wouldn't want to use export.
  • When I started Zotero standalone for the first time it simply asked me whether I wanted to use the same library as in Zotero Firefox. I clicked yes and all worked just fine. No need to move anything.
  • Here is a related question:
    I have a large zotero directory from the old computer. I transferred it to a custom data location in the new computer for the zotero standalone application.

    And I use the zotero firefox for new material. The directories for the SA and Zotero Firefox are not the same (this is because Firefox gets slower when the zotero plug-in lists too many files (that's another story)).

    What I want to ask is this: Is there a way to synchronize the files in the Firefox Zotero directory with the SA directory (one-way synchronization: only add new files from Firefox to SA, but not the other way).

    Actually, I think I can do this for attachments thanks to folder synchronization programs. Yet, not for the entries themselves as they are written to sqlite files.

    Hence, do I have no other way than making the data directory the same for both Firefox and Zotero?

    (by the way, documentation says that when the zotero SA is open, Firefox will automatically shift to SA plug-in mode: but it didn't work for me)
  • if you have separate libraries for ZSA and Zotero you can just sync.

    FF will only shift to SA plugin-mode in the 3.0b version (and I believe only when the data directories are shared).
  • FF will also not switch to connector mode if Standalone and FF use separate libraries.
  • I have been using Zotero on firefox for a while now and the data has been stored in a custom directory. I would like to move to zotero standalone and chrome but still use my exisitng data directory.

    when I installed zotero standalone (os x) it created a data directory in the firefox profile directory (firefox was still marked as the default browser) . I noticed some difference in the directory structure and I assume some of the files.

    I am assuming I can point zotero standalone to my existing data directory for the data files but I want to make sure which of the directories/files if any I need to copy from the newly created data directory? I would like to avoid data corruption and/or misadventure if at all possible.

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    You can just point Standalone to your existing data directory. It will creates any new files it needs.
  • I am working on a research publication with another person. How can I transfer 1 collection folder from my Zotero online library to them? I don't want all of my data directory to be transferred just the specific folder relating to this particular project.

    Thank you and I apologize if this has come up previously but I can't find it anywhere.
  • glenda: You should use a group library and then just drag and drop the collection there.
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