ZOtero and Foxit

We have recently switched from Adobe to Foxit Reader, but zotero doesn't support Foxit Reader. Any suggestions?
  • I also use Foxit. As Foxit isn't embedded in the browser there is no way to save a link from the web as a link (i.e. without importing) that I have found
  • Save the PDF to your disk then open it with FireFox. Then Zotero can access it. It is a pain, but it works.
  • i'm using PDF-xchange viewer,
    it's fast and light weight - and works great with zotero
    you can create annotations and highlights on the pdf itself and easily save it directly over the zotero attachment.
  • http://www.docu-track.com/product/pdf-xchange-viewer
    I forgot - it's free
  • Hi itayhad!

    Do you just 'Summarize comments' in PDF-xchange viewer and then save it to for example into .rtf format and from there copy & paste notes/comments into Zotero, or is there any more clever way to do it?
  • don't know any better way.
  • I'm experiencing the same problem with foxit reader.

    JerryGlen you mention saving the file to my hard drive and then opening it with FireFox but how can I even do that?
  • I'm not exactly clear on what "the problem" is with Foxit. What are you trying to accomplish?
  • I have a file that I have opened in Foxit reader that I would like to save to my zotero folder.

    There are no options within Foxit reader to do so.

    However according to the response from JerryGlen above I can get round this by sacing the file to my hard drive and then opening it if FireFox but I am stuck as to how to open a pdf in FireFox?
  • If you just want to import the PDF into Zotero, you don't need to open it in Firefox (though you should be able to anyway). You can drag the file into the Zotero window.
  • I just drag and dropped as you suggested much easier!
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