Can't scrape IEEE page

IEEE website cataloguing "Benchmarking the dependability of Windows and Linux using PostMark workloads".

I don't know whether the superscripted trademark symbol is an issue.
  • can't save IEEE page . Get the error: Could not save item.
  • Zotero does endlessly acquire references from*+%3Cin%3E+metadata%29+%3Cand%3E+%284393060+%3Cin%3E+punumber%29&coll2=ieeecnfs&coll3=ieecnfs&history=yes&reqloc=others&scope=metadata&imageField2.x=8&imageField2.y=5
    When I acquire all the references (25 refs.), zotero keeps adding them and downloading the .pdf files endlessly. I stopped Firefox when I had some 6 or 7 copies of the same reference.

    Checked on zotero 1.0.3 (windows vista)

    I have reposted this issue from "Troubleshooting" as I guess this might be just a translator issue.
  • We've made some changes to the IEEE translator that ought to solve these problems. You can update your translators manually in the Preferences Pane of Zotero. Please let us know here if these problems persist. Thanks.
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