Where do I set / find the current PDF storage location (folder) in Zotero?

edited September 28, 2022
The data folder is where the config files are stored, but where do I set the PDF folder (where the associated PDF files of each reference are stored)? At the moment, I noticed that my PDF are stored in a Dropbox folder that I set up time ago (unlike the data folder, which is store on disk, not on cloud), but don't remember how. Now, I want to change this location but I can't find how to do it. Help! Thanks! :)
  • edited September 28, 2022
    Zotero only saves files to the 'storage' folder of the Zotero data directory.

    If you've set up the ZotFile plugin to move files elsewhere as linked files, you'd have to adjust that in the ZotFile settings.

    If you want to convert linked files to stored files, you can do that from Tools → Manage Attachments.
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