Add internal links between notes by drag and drop

If I drag and drop (or Quick Copy) a Note 1 into another Note 2, all the content of Note 1 is pasted into the target Note 2.
I was expected a behaviour similar to Evernote: drag and drop creates an internal link in the target Note 2 going to the original Note 1, with the text of the link being the title of Note 1.

Is it possible to add internal links between notes by drag and drop or Quick Copy?
I feel that this behaviour would be more consistent with the links to items and annotations implemented in Zotero. And it would significantly enhance the notes capabilities in Zotero with little changes.

I could make it manually, so it seems to be possible already, although quite painful:
- Copy paste the title of Note 1 into Note 2
- With Zutilo: Copy select item link on Note 1
- In note 2, highlight the title of Note 1
- Insert Link and paste the content of the clipboard
[I would also expect this kind of internal links to open directly to save time, without showing the URI first.]
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