'Add to dictionary' feature or add on

I was wondering if there was an add on on Zotero that would have an 'add to dictionary' feature similar to the one on Obsidian (or any word processing software) when using Zotero's note system?
It is quite frustrating to be writing someone's name or a term not recognised by the default dictionary and have it underlined all the time. I have tried to disable spell check but I usually end up with quite a lot of mistypes.
I haven't been able to find an adequate solution for it so far.
  • I would like to see this also!
  • I would also like to see this feature.
    Many programs on my Windows 10 machine not only propose alternative spellings, which can be selected to replace underlined terms, but offer an "add to dictionary" option that seems to be part of Windows--and so to work with many different programs and apps.
    BTW: many thanks for adding the list of spelling options. A big improvement.
  • I would like to see this too on macOS for notes and annotation.
  • Was this feature built/identified at all? I have an increasing number of authors' names that aren't recognized by Zotero, and as in the original post, it is frustrating to have them underlined as wrong.
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  • This is supported in the Zotero 7 beta.
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