Automatically renaming imported PDFs

How does Zotero rename automatically manually attached PDFs in the same way that it is done automatically when saving from web? Thanks!

  • edited September 26, 2022
    Currently, it will rename PDFs that are recognized automatically as long as you have automatic renaming enabled in the General pane of the preferences.

    It won't automatically rename a PDF you drag to an existing item, but we hope to address that soon. For now, you'd have to right-click and choose Rename File from Parent Metadata.
  • Thanks for the prompt response :) In the General Pane I have all ticked, except for the subitem «Rename linked files». What does this mean?
  • Thanks. I'll have to digest this linked files business. Basically, this option would be renaming the remote / outside of Zotero folder file that lives somewhere else, as I understand.
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    Yes, but it's not relevant if you're not using linked files, and regardless it has the same behavior as I described above. I answered your question above.
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