High CPU usage

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  • I am also noticing that my MacBook Pro starts fanning heavily when I have Zotero on for a while, regardless of how many files I am opening. Would like to see an update for a more efficient memory usage of Zotero or my mac will burst to pieces.
  • Fans wouldn't have anything to do with memory — that would be CPU.

    What kind of MBP, what version of macOS, and what do you see for CPU usage in Activity Monitor? What are the exact steps to reproduce it after restarting Zotero?
  • There does seem to be something going on after leaving Zotero running for a while and opening lots of PDFs in the viewer (and then closing them). CPU usage on a MacBook M1 can remain at over 25-30% even when Zotero isn't doing anything. Closing and reopening seems to fix it. There seem be lots of threads left running - Zotero for me starts with around 70 threads (with Better BixTex running) but can get up to 150 or so after opening and closing PDFs. Solution seems to be a restart.

    MacOS 12.5.1
    MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) 16GB
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    @johnkingeu: Can you reproduce this with all third-party plugins disabled?

    If so, can you provide exact steps to reproduce it?
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