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I use the Zoo for Zotero on my tablet when I'm in the university library, and I get the pdf attachments in the online zotero library. When at home, and on my computer, I open the file in the zotero reader from the online library. Now I want to download it to my laptop so as to add it to zotero library on my computer. Why is it not possible to download a pdf file from the reader? There is not any button that allows this operation in the zotero reader.
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    I haven't used Zoo but I've helped a Zoo user with viewing a Zotero online library. I'm confused about your use of Zoo in your university library. Are you capturing items for new Zotero additions or updating Zotero existing library records or merely using Zoo to view your existing online Zotero online records? If your Zotero records are already online with PDF files, can you not simply sync Zotero on your laptop? If not, there is something about your work process that you haven't described. My awareness of Zoo is that it is a one-way viewer that has no ability to upload data or files to your Zotero account from your tablet. Do you have the Zotero program installed on your laptop?

    Are you able to sync the PDF files to your Zotero online library from tablet Zoo? If you can view the PDFs on a tablet using Zoo and also on a desktop computer at home it seems that syncing has occurred and the files and metadata are online. If you have Zotero installed on your third device (laptop) you should be able to sync and have the files accessible to you on that device. If you are using Zotero 6 and can see the files in Zotero's reader are the files not already in your Zotero library?

    Can you understand the reasons for my confusion? Please explain your situation step-by-step.

    You haven't said anything about getting the metadata for the PDF files that you view via Zoo.
  • Yes, perhaps I wasn't clear in my description. Yes I have the zotero program installed on my laptop and when I use it in the library I have no problems. I use the zotero connector in chrome and save directly to my installed zotero library both the reference and the pdf file. When instead I'm using the Samsung S6 lite tablet and I'm browsing an article in the library I click on "share", the zoo icon appear among others and I use it to save the reference to the online zotero. The zoo allows me to view the saved reference and to click on an edit button, this allows me to click on the "attach pdf file" which I have already downloaded to the tablet. Every thing now is done between the zoo and the zotero online. When I'm at home and now I'm using the laptop and I'm not connected to the institution database anymore, I open both the zotero program installed and the online library on the laptop. I find the last added references, say 5 or 6, listed at the top of references in my installed zotero program. I had already chosen the last added references to appear at the top. However the pdf files appear in shade color not dark, not installed. How I lastly resolved? I have 4454 references now shown in my laptop zotero program. I don’t have a paid account and cannot afford for this now. However I opened "preferenze di zotero", "sincronizzazione "and choose to sync not only the data but also the files. Fortunately, the pdf files at the top of the last added has synced before reaching my limit of 300 mb of storage. I'm sorry that I disturbed you with me but I'm not so clever in using these many different devices, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Thank you for your time.
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