Citations not included in bibliography, missing information in bibliography

Me and my peers (using both MS Word and Google Docs) have had the issue of even though all of our citations were in the text using Zotero, some of them would not paste into the bibliography. The formatting was also incorrect sometimes and some sources had complete information in the Zotero App but that info was not included in the bibliographic references (ex. authors would be present in Zotero but not be included in the bibliography)
  • Unfortunately that's not specific enough to say much -- could be any number of things going on.
    Do you have specific examples in a doc available to you we can troubleshoot?
  • I am also having the same issue. All of the author's information, appears to be included in the database and the author's name does appear in footnotes but not in the Bibliography of the same document. This is happening for one lecture I added manually, and 2 books scanned in using the ISBN by my phone. (So 3 out of 15 sources for my paper are having trouble) Can anyone help troubleshoot this? If not, how can I manually add them to the won't let me edit.
  • Information from my bib is not translating through Zotero formatting and omitting certain data without any clear way to resolve it without unlinking everything, which may not be acceptable under certain submission guidelines. Any explanations or solutions out there?
  • Please start new threads for new issues, and provide exact examples of the problem you're experiencing. There's no way we can help with with vague reports like these.
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