format word non conforme

J'ai deux soucis de format dans word.
D'une part ma bilbio ne respecte pas les italiques de APA7th
D'autre part quand j'insère une référence dans le texte, elle prend un format qui n'est pas le format du paragraphe où je l'insère.
Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider?
Par avance merci.
  • 1. is either or, if you're also not seeing indents and correct spacing, should go away if you switch to a different citation style and back.
    2. Zotero would typically use the default ("Normal" in English) style for citations.
  • Thank you @adamsmith
    For the 1), the link answers my trouble, thank you very much !
    For the 2), the trouble is still there, as normal is in Calibri and the ref comes in Times New Roman, and it comes with an unederlingning en dash...
  • For the underlines, see

    For the font, does it show the style as Normal when you have the cursor in a Zoteor selection?

    There are two other reports of what sounds like the same issue here: but I don't think anyone has ever gotten this to reproduce, so we would neither know what causes is (it's very much not a general issue) nor what to do about it, I'm afraid.
  • Thank you very much, once again @adamsmith !
    I understand the unederlying now, so it's not a problem at all.
    About the font, with your previous feedback, I have double checked the normal font and I guess I had a version conflict between 2 "normal" style. I think everything is ok now. So thank you very much for all your help. Finishing my PhD will be easier now :-) !
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