Search question


The documentation seems to indicate that using the
Quick Search box searches all metadata and full text of
snapshots, text files etc.

The choices in the drop-down for Advanced Search seem
to be all metadata.
Is it possible to define an advanced search which does
full text search of content, as done by the Quick Search box?

  • There's the Attachment Content search condition, but no, there's nothing equivalent to the Quick Search in the Advanced Search. There probably should be, though. Ticket created.
  • I'd like to second the request that a choice like "full text" (e.g. the equivalent of what happens in the "Quick Search" be added to the Advanced Search list of choices. Not having this represents a huge handicap to me. I used to be able to do this in ProCite. It would greatly facilitate being able to create meaningful "saved searches" that I can count on to bring in all the relevant material, whether or not I remembered to "tag" it properly (which I often don't).
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