Annotations made in iOS Zotero not appearing in external reader on an PC

So I started using the iOS Zotero app (1.0.3) to read and annotate pdfs. When I highlight text or make an annotation from my iPad I wasn't able to see these annotations on my Windows computer when I open the files using Adobe Acrobat. At first I thought there was a sync problem, but then on a whim I switched the pdf reader to the built-in Zotero reader and voilĂ ! I could see the annotations. When I switched my pdf reader back to Adobe, I couldn't see them. I'm running Windows 10 and Zotero 6.0.13, and the latest version of Acrobat.

Where oh where have my annotations gone? Why isn't an external reader displaying them? Is it me? Help!
  • Well, then, I feel foolish. Thanks for the link.

    I also feel disappointed, though. I was excited about the iOS app, even if its annotation features were a bit rudimentary at the time of launch. But many of the features they argue are worth keeping annotations out of the pdf file just aren't that important to me. And I'd rather use a more featured pdf reader/editor than what Zotero provides, but I don't see a practical workflow that would allow that on the PC while still using iOS Zotero if the annotations aren't kept in the file. So I guess back to Papership until it stops working because of lack of updates? At least I'll be able to underline instead of use highlights...
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