Zotfile or Better BibText Stopped Working Properly

I've been using Better Bibtext to create a Citation Key and then have Zotfile setup to rename the PDFs I attach to match the cite key. This has been working fine but today I noticed that it wasn't naming it correctly anymore. Specifically, the file itself isn't being named correctly. When I add the PDF, it changes the linked PDF in the Zotero interface to match the cite key perfectly, but when I click "Show File" the file on my computer (a Google Drive folder that syncs to the cloud but remains on my local hard drive) has an abbreviated year.

Example: jones2022 in Zotero has a file named jones22.

Any ideas what happened and how to fix it? I have Zotfile setup to name according to the cite key just like before so I'm not sure what happened to make it do that. Thanks!
  • I should state that the attachment name in Zotero is correct. Its the actual file name on my hard drive that is incorrect.
  • Ok, I think I figured it out. If the file is already named the same thing and already in the folder Zotfile is putting it in, it doesn't link to the existing file but creates a new one with the abbreviated year in the file name. Not sure why, but I just did a test and this seems to be the case.
  • You'd have to ask Zotfile. Any plugin can read BBTs citekey, but BBT is not imvolved with how it's used.
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