Collapse group libraries list

Is there a way to collapse your list of group libraries, similar to how you can collapse your collections under My Library?

I'm interested in this primarily for teaching purposes. My (rather long) list of group libraries seems to distract and overwhelm folks while they're just getting introduced to Zotero.

Selfishly, there would be an added benefit for when I'm trying to write: removing the visual reminder of the various collaborations I'm neglecting at the moment.

  • Ha, I like reason #2. Not currently possible -- you can only collapse down to the library (including My Library), not the list of libraries.

    Personally, I do think the ability to collapse all groups would be neat, though it's not unlikely it'll also confuse people who won't "find" their groups (so could maybe be a non-remembered setting, so restart unfolds them again)
  • Thanks! Glad to know I'm not just missing the option.

    I definitely see the point about the collapsed view confusing folks. A non-remembered setting sounds like a great approach to me.

    If this option finds its way into a future release, that would be fantastic- but I also appreciate the many competing priorities in a project of this scale.
  • Yes, ability to collapse groups and feeds lists is planned.
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