Force Zotero to use a full reference on a new page, not ibid.

I'm using OpenOffice 3.1 on Linux and the latest versions of both Zotero and the word processor plugin.

Using Chicago format.

Is there an easy way to change how Zotero formats my footnotes. I need it to give a short reference (Surname, Title, Page) whenever it's the first reference of its kind on a page instead of just following on from an older one with an ibid?


Also is there an easy way in general to choose between either the full citation, shorterned or just ibid?
  • no, not currently (to both questions).
    The next csl version, to be included in Zotero 2.1 will be able to handle this in a more sophisticated way, although per page seems pretty hard (and unreasonable) - what's on a given page changes all the time!
  • I can confirm (as the author of the new-version csl processor) that this won't be supported. Page-location sensitivity is extremely hard, and it's not currently on the agenda for CSL development.
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