Zotero Changes Double-Spacing to Single-Spacing in Libre Office Document

I am new here so please excuse me if this is not correct procedure.

I am having a repeated problem when I add a citation to my document in Libre Office using the Zotero extension. When I add a citation to a paragraph, the line spacing is changed from double-spacing to single-spacing every time. I then have to manually readjust the line spacing.

I am unable to provide an Error id because Zotero does not recognize that an error has occurred. I would provide the file in which this problem occurred but I will not see any way to attach a file here.

If there is a different place where it is appropriate to post this, please instruct me politely and I will be happy to comply.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:

Create a Libre Office document with double line spacing. Type a few lines. Add a citation using the Libre Office/Zotero plugin/extension. See that the line spacing was changed to single spacing. If you can't reproduce the problem this way, then contact me, and I will provide the document where the problem occurs.

Thank you

  • You need to change the Default Paragraph Style styling in LibreOffice instead of manually adjusting paragraph styling in text, that way Zotero will keep your styling.
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