Zotero synching a group library to Web Library but shouldn't be

I set up a group library to store documents in that I don't want to be stored in my Web Library (to save on my storage limitation). Despite having gone to Preferences > Sync > Choose libraries and unchecked the group library I don't want to be synched, it still appears to be synching to my online library and taking up storage.

Any help with resolving this would be much a
  • The point of a group library is for all data and files to be available to all group members. Groups aren't meant as a way to just store things separately locally.

    Unchecking a library in the preferences will prevent Zotero from syncing that library via the Sync button or auto-sync, but it won't do anything to remove anything that's already online. The only way to do that would be by deleting the data online, and then any sync — including an accidental one — would pull down those deletions.
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