Changing date format in ZoteroBib

Is there a way to change the date format in ZoteroBib like in Zotero? I'm used to using an online citation generator but got tired of the adds so I'm trying to figure out how to use Zotero. I downloaded Zotero and I like it for managing references however I prefer to use ZonteroBib as a lightweight way to create a reference list and then copy my references to Zotero when I'm done.
  • Not sure what you mean there. Can you give an example?
  • Instead of dd/mm/yyyy I would like to use the format mm/dd/yyyy when filling out the date field in ZoteroBib. I heard there's an option to change it in the desktop version of Zotero when I was looking through the forrum and wondered why you can't on ZoteroBib.
  • It would depend on your OS and system region settings. It would interpret an ambiguous date as mm/dd/yyyy on a system set to en-US (and does for me). If you're seeing something different, check your region and language settings.

    You can also always enter YYYY-MM-DD or a month name to avoid ambiguity.
  • I'm using Windows 11 version 22H2. I just checked my region and language settings in system settings and they are set to English (United States). How would this effect the date format on ZoteroBib though? The setting did automatically work on Zotero though.
  • Just to clarify I'm trying to change the date format on the online version of Zotero available at this link.
  • Your browser uses your system settings by default, though the browser can also have its own settings.

    Can you take a screenshot of exactly what you're doing and what you're getting, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here?
  • Sure, I'll upload a screenshot somewhere tomorrow. It's midnight where I am right now; I've been working on some school work. If it helps I'm using Firefox.
  • I just checked again after restarting my computer and it seems to be working fine now. Yesterday I had to enter all of the dates in mm/dd/yyyy format but today it works fine using dd/mm/yyyy. If it happens again I'll add to this thread with more screenshots. Maybe starting Zotero again after restarting my computer helped somehow. The problem occurred right after installing the new Windows 11 update.

    Google Drive Link:
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    Yesterday I had to enter all of the dates in mm/dd/yyyy format but today it works fine using dd/mm/yyyy.
    Note that this wasn't what you asked — you asked about using "mm/dd/yyyy". Still not clear to me which you're trying to use.

    en-US will assume mm/dd/yyyy for ambiguous dates. If it's not ambiguous (e.g., 22/9/2022), Zotero will parse it no matter the order.
  • Sorry, I had the date formats switched in the last message. The issue was using the European date format of day-month-year instead of the en-US format of month-day-year.

    By ambiguous dates I guess you mean having the year as 22 instead of 2022 right?

    In any case thanks for your help. ZoteroBib seems to be working fine now so I'm not sure what happened.

    If it happens again I will document it better since it doesn't seem to be easily repeatable.
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    No, an ambiguous date would be "1/10/2022" — it could be January 10 or October 1. A date like "1/13/2022" is unambiguous, so the order doesn't matter.
  • Okay, that makes sense. I just checked again using an ambiguous date and it is using the en-US format now.
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