Plugins causing segmentation fault when used together (citation counts manager + zotero-tag)

I’ve tried using both plugins in title together and they cause a segmentation fault in Zotero every time an item is added.

See this github issue for details/screenshots:

zotero-citationcounts repo:
zotero-tag repo:

Is this an issue with Zotero per se or can this be fixed at the plugin level?

Thank you!
  • I was having trouble with Zotero Connector and PDF metadata retrival crashing Zotero every time I tried to add a PDF from Firefox or retrieve the metadata from a manulaly uploaded file on Zotero.

    This post made me think it was the add ons, so I uninstalled some and it's no longer crashing.

    Uninstalled these add ons:
    Storage Scanner, Zotero AutoIndex, and Zotero Citations Counts Manager
  • Seems like the Zotero Citations Counts Manager plugin comes back often.

    I have created an issue in the plugin’s github repository:

    Not sure if this can be fixed by the plugin developers or Zotero’s devs though.
  • @dstillman can the devs please investigate this?
  • I also get this issue when using zotero-tag and DOI manager together so it appears to be more widespread than a single add-on
  • edited February 22, 2023
    An actual crash — where Zotero quits completely — generally wouldn't be the plugin's fault. If this is macOS, there's a known bug in Zotero where plugins that open a progress window (as DOI Manager does) can trigger a crash when external monitors are used. That will be fixed in Zotero 7 later this year.
  • Good to know, thank you @dstillman!
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